Legal Status


ARTICLE 1: Constitution and denomination

It is created – in fidelity to the principles of independence – an organization called Al Bawsala.

The association Al Bawsala is registered with the general secretary of the government and governed by the decree-law n ° 88- 2011 promulgated on September 24, 2011 relating to the organization of the associations in Tunisia as well as by the present statutes.

ARTICLE 2: Headquarters

The headquarters of Al Bawsala is located at 43-45 Avenue Habib Bourguiba 1000 Tunis – Tunisia.
It can be transferred by simple decision of the Board of Directors.

ARTICLE 3: Duration

Al Bawsala is constituted for an unlimited duration.

ARTICLE 4: Objectives

Al Bawsala is a non-partisan accountability and public policy organization with the following objectives:

Defend the principles of accountability and transparency within the state;
Establish a process of monitoring the work of elected officials and politicians;
Create and implement tools for measuring political ethics and governance;
To make the citizen aware of the impact of his role on the realities of political, economic and social life;
Offer citizens free and easy access to information related to the political exercise of their representatives and governments;
Develop and provide the citizen with tools that will enable him to form an objective opinion and make a responsible political choice;
Defend the principles of good governance and representative and participative democracy;
Support policymakers in reforms leading to the consolidation of a democratic and accountable state.

ARTICLE 5: Values ​​of Al Bawsala

Al Bawsala is recognized in particular in the values ​​of the independent associative movement, which include:

The democratic functioning of the organization;
The political independence of the organization and its actions;
The pluralism of the organization, with respect for humanistic and democratic values.

Al Bawsala demands that its members respect these values.

ARTICLE 6: Composition of Members

Al Bawsala consists of:

a) Active members:

b) Active members:


ARTICLE 18: Rules of Procedure

An Internal Regulation is established for the bodies of the organization with a view to determining the operating procedures not provided for by the present statutes. These Internal Regulations are proposed by the Executive Board and promulgated by the Board of Directors.

The Internal Regulations may only be amended by a majority of the Board of Directors. Nothing in the Regulations can contradict the provisions of the Articles.

ARTICLE 19: Modification of the statutes

A Board of Directors is necessary to modify the statutes of the organization.
Any amendment must be adopted by a two-thirds majority of the mandates.

The amendment of the statutes must be sent to the Secretary General of the Government by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt within a maximum of one month from the decision to modify.

The modification is communicated to the public through the written media and on the association’s electronic site.

ARTICLE 20: Termination of the Executive Bureau’s mandate

An extraordinarily convened Board of Directors may terminate the Executive Board at any time by a two-thirds majority for serious reasons.
He then proceeded to the election of a provisional Executive Bureau to complete the mandate.

ARTICLE 21: Dissolution

The dissolution may be pronounced by a Council. The two-thirds majority is necessary for the dissolution to be pronounced.
In the event of dissolution, the Extraordinary Board of Directors appoints one or more liquidators responsible for the liquidation of the property of the organization. It allocates net assets to one or more associations pursuing a similar purpose.

ARTICLE 22: Dispute Resolution

The court competent for all actions concerning Al Bawsala is that of the domicile of its seat.

ARTICLE 23: Formalities

The chairman of Al Bawsala, on behalf of the Board of Directors, is responsible for fulfilling all the publication formalities required by the legislation in force.
All powers are given to the bearer of these to perform these formalities.
Done in Tunis on 01 November 2015

Founding Members / Board Members