Al Bawsala is a non-profit NGO established under Tunisian law. The organisation is independent from political influence.

Al Bawsala has three objectives:


We at Al Bawsala remain commited to our political and financial independence. Our management, programs and policies are guided by our values and they are independent from any government, political party or business sector influence.

Democratic Organisation

Al Bawsala's internal organisation is based on democratic consultation.

Our global strategy is set by our administrative board whose members are elected for a four year period. The bureau's work is monitored by a board of directors composed of qualified experts. The organisation's day to day work is supervised by permanent executive staff.

Al Bawsala is committed to implementing within the organisation the values it is trying to promote in Tunisian society. Transparency and accountability guide our actions and thinking.


We are committed to remaining open to other organizations and actors within civil society. We strive to work with those who share our values when our actions target the same goals. We are open to cooperating, collaborating and sharing our expertise.

Ethical and Transparent Financing

We remain attentive to our sources of funding, they must align wih the goals that we are committed to promoting. We claim only transparent financing. Concerning fundraising and institutional applications for funding, we only seek funders and projects that fall within the scope of our actions and principles.

We strive to maintain effective management and transparent accounting in order to remain accountable to our donors and to our associates.


Ultimately, Al Bawsala aims to serve as a resource for:

Therefore, Al Bawsala utilizes three main programmatic strategies:




Assisting in the development of citizens initiatives.

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