June 29, 2016

The General Legislation Commission at the Assembly of the Representatives of the People decided to postpone all bills being discussed at the commission and define the Reconciliation Bill as a matter of absolute priority. And today, the commission starts the discussions related to the Bill.

This decision confirms the intransigence and stubbornness of both the Assembly and the Presidency of the Republic despite the unanimous rejection of the aforementioned bill among local and international civil society actors.

Unequivocal refusal is expressed by Provisional Authority for the Supervision of Judicial Justice and the Provisional Authority of Control of Constitutionality of Draft-laws and the Venice Commission on the international level.

Hence, Al Bawsala expresses its absolute rejection of this bill and considers it as :

  • An act of treason to the values of the Revolution, a trampling on the dignity of the Tunisian People and an attempt to obliterate the national memory;
  • A clear violation of the Constitution of the Second Republic and a transgression of the founder’s will to abolish corruption, inequality , and injustice;
  • An off-road to the Transitional Justice Process as guaranteed by the Constitution, and an attack to the country’s legitimate institutions;
  • A consecration of a culture of impunity, unjust and unequal legal treatment, and of normalization with corruption.

Al Bawsala reiterates its complete and categorical refusal of this bill and urges all citizens, civil society members and organizations, the media, the political parties and the deputies to firmly oppose this bill. Al Bawsala demands that the Presidency of the Republic withdraws the bill or that the commission votes it off.